Consumer Commitments

At INTERSPORT we put customers in the centre of our attention. As a result, we have taken customer service to an unique level within the sporting goods retail industry with our International Customer Assistance and Support Programme. Our commitment guarantees that a customer will be assisted with any broken or faulty product throughout our entire network of retailers and countries, regardless of which INTERSPORT store sold the product originally.


We guarantee international customer satisfaction and support


When you buy from INTERSPORT,you know you are getting the ultimate worry-free shopping can rely on any of our INTERSPORT dealers to provide you with assistance,advice and support throughout our international network.


We guarantee money back satisfaction


If you are dissatisfied with any INTERSPORT product for any reasont,take it back to your INTERSPORT shop and your money will be refunded without question.


We guarantee expert and personalised advice and service


You find at INTERSPORT dedicated staff who are professionally trained to be experts in the disciplines they are deling with and sensitive to your individual needs.


We guarantee the world's best choice of the leading brands


We bring you the unique selection and latest innovations of the world's best sports equipment,products and brands,driven by our experience of serving mor than 150,000 people daily around the world.