FIREFLY is dedicated to the young, progressive and trendy people out there. For more than ten years, the brand has offered fashionable solutions for boardsports and beach life and its people who celebrate their active, creative and open-minded lifestyle. Experience exclusively designed textiles including snowboard outerwear, swim and beachwear or leisure items as well as footwear ranging from skate shoes to sneakers and flip flops. FIREFLY brings boardsports and beach lifestyle to the people and is first choice when it comes to great looks and performance!


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FIREFLY is dedicated to enthusiasts in the snowboard, beach, surf and street sports community. For more than 10 years the brand has been offering authentic products in creative designs

FIREFLY products are available exclusively at INTERSPORT stores all over the world. A dedicated team of designers and product managers is always in touch with the latest trends, creating products with a great value for money for the young generation. FIREFLY offers a broad range of fashionable and functional products for both winter and summer action sports. We want you to feel comfortable and impress with your looks. Whether you skate, snowboard, surf or just hang out at the beach, FIREFLY is the best choice you can make!


With FIREFLY you are ready to find your own playground and enjoy the fun. Be authentic. Be yourself!