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Wilson Pro Staff Sgi Womens Full Set -Right Handed

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Wilson's patented "Custom fit in a box" system offers as many as thirteen different size options to suit every player!

The golf club set is suitable for right-handed golfers.


  • * The larger Driver's head, combined with an extra-wide controlled surface area and bridge speed, improves the ball's flying distance.
  • * Due to its very low center of gravity, Type 431 Stainless Steel Irons will improve accuracy and drop distance.
  • * The lightweight, premium bag has a double-cushioned strap that will allow you to put the bag on your shoulder, a comfortable and sturdy handle, valuables and three extra large pockets.
  • * Easy Launch The Sand Wedge features a weight concentrated in the lower part of the head and a wide lower part of the lower plane that will provide a better guide to the green area.
  • * The popular Putter with a padded handle and weight distributed between the heel and front will allow you to control the rolling force of the ball and provide more accuracy.
  • * High-end stick lining with flannel lining will protect your inventory in any weather.


  • Forged Titanium composition and extra large stick head volume (460cc), will provide a large controlled impact area and allow long and strong shots.


  • The main features of Fairway Wood: large controlled area, graphite mast and handle, suitable for use in any weather. The sharp angle between the golf club mast and the head and the lightweight design are suitable for both on-court and high-pitched grass.


  • Easy-to-hit hybrid golf club features an extended back and higher ball trajectory technology. Thanks to the improved head design, you will achieve a better trajectory, a longer and straighter stroke compared to the Difficult-to-hit long irons.


  • is a powerful, stainless steel golf club with a weight concentrated on the lower part of the head to make it easier to hit the ball. The extreme weight of the perimeter of the head will provide an incredibly large portion of the controlled area that will allow for an accurate shot, even during an eccentric beating. Large Unsupported Face technology will improve ball speed and distance.


  • Popular, high-end stick covers will help protect your inventory properly. The soft but at the same time durable material will help keep the look of your stick set intact for longer.

Stick Carrying Case (CART BAG)

  • The Premium quality Lightweight Cart Bag features four spacious pockets and a double-cushioned strap that will allow the bag to be placed on the shoulder. The padded inside of the bag will protect your inventory from environmental factors that can reduce the life of your golf clubs.
Wilson Pro Staff Sgi Womens Full Set -Right Handed
Wilson Pro Staff Sgi Womens Full Set -Right Handed
Sale priceLE 27,300.00