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Aquila Pro 2.0 Space

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The Aquila Space Pro 2.0 racket is designed for attacking players, offering maximum power without losing control, thanks to its medium density PRO 50 rubber and its teardrop shape. It has a 100% Carbon 3K composition both in the head and in the frame of the racket.


  • * Teardrop-shaped, with its sweet spot located on at the top of the racket.
  • * PRO 50 rubber racquet. Perfect balance between power and control thanks to its medium density rubber.
  • * The Aquila Core, located in the throat of the racket, helps in weight balance and control.
  • * Includes the new Extreme Spot tubular technology, which widens the sweet spot on the racket surface.
  • * Roughness in the decal (surface layer) of the racket.
  • Specifications:

    • Shape: Teardrop
    • Balance: High
    • Level: Intermediate- Advanced
    • Core: EVA rubber PRO 50
    • Frame: Carbon 3K
    • Weight: 350 – 385 G
    • Surface: Carbon 3K
    • Playing Style: Control/Power
Aquila Pro 2.0 Space
Aquila Pro 2.0 Space Sale priceLE 5,500.00